Iris in Ihatove.(Iwate, Japan)


Iris Kramer(20), the Europe ladies champion has come "Ihatove classic (two days) trial" for 25th anniversary with her parents.
She paformed very well and 3rd in overall position while Papa took 1st.
" Ihatove Trial is wonderful! beautiful scenery, people are kind, good sections, 350km long course... I really enjoyd." Iris smiled and went back home to Germany.

  • ちょっと緊張気味
    little bit nervous

  • スタートの記念写真撮影
    memorial photo is taken at the start

  • アスパラドリンク、一本いっとく?
    you want enagy? drink ASPARA!

  • イリスとパパと米沢さん、最後尾出発
    Iris,Papa,Yonezawa the latest start.

  • 三巣子の沢も軽々クリーン!
    Iris cleaned rocky stream.

  • 小林由利子さんとラインを読む
    looking for the best line.

  • いつもテレビカメラの的に
    always in the TV finder.

  • いつでもどこでもやさしいママ
    Mam makes Iris relaxed at anytime.

  • スコットランドを思わせる風景
    the view may reminds you of Scotland.

  • パパはいつも最高のサポート!
    Papa is the best minder!

  • イリスのうまさは見事だった
    Iris paformed brilliantly.

  • 普代浜のヒルクライムもクリーン!
    big applause from villege people!

  • サンダイは長距離で疲れが出てくるころ
    long distance makes them tired.

  • それでも集中力を失わない
    still she keeps concentration.

  • パパが見守る中、見事クリーン
    Iris cleaned while Papa is watching.